Telling people you have Depression

Here are some of the responses I’ve come across when telling people I have Depression.

1. “But WHY are you depressed?” or the more aggressive variation: “What have YOU got to be depressed about?”
Duh! Depression is an illness. I don’t go around asking why people have cancer, do I?


2. “Oh, you’re probably just overworked. Have you thought about going on a nice little holiday?”


Bitch, you can’t go on holiday from yourself. Wherever I go, I am still gonna be me!


3. “You should just sit on a rock at sunrise whilst doing yoga and eating these chinese herbs, then you’ll never be sad again”


Yes, thank you. I’ll try that never.


4. “Oh my god!!! WHY do you wanna die??!!! Are you still alive? Are you dead already??? I am sooo worried about you!! WHY WHY WHY???!!!”

Chill the fuck out. No one is gonna die. Except maybe you when I throw this keyboard in your face. Stop with the melodrama.


5. “Have you considered a nice dose of man-the-fuck-up?”

I spit in your tea.


6. “Have you tried visualising your inner child and tapping into your higher power to access the goddess of the universe so you can stimulate the esoteric nature of All That Is?”


Go away.

7. “Oh, I know exactly how you feel. I was also sad that one time”


Saying you’ve experienced Depression because you’ve been sad once is like saying you know how a double amputee feels because you once had a broken pinkie.

8. “Here, read this bible/inspirational quote. I guarantee you’ll feel sooo much better”


Thank you for nothing.

Disclaimer – Often times people genuinely don’t know how to respond. My advice would be to tell loved ones exactly how you want to be treated whilst you’re suffering from Depression and how they can help in your recovery.

5 thoughts on “Telling people you have Depression

  1. another funny one. this must of come before you had a following. no one commented on this one???

    here’s so more.

    maybe you’re not praying hard enough.
    or its relative have you met the lord?
    i hear there some new drugs that will fix you right up.
    put on your big boy pants. (similar to #5)
    that usually goes away, doesn’t it?
    are you contagious? if so, make sure to thoroughly wash your utensils.
    my uncle was depressed. he committed suicide.

    on another note, my mom told my sister once, “i was depressed, then i got over it.” thanks for the gift that keeps on giving!


  2. Love this post. And here are some gems I have heard, some similar to yours:

    “You should try what I do. Every morning I wake up and thank god for giving me this wonderful new day.”

    (yes, thank you god for giving me another beautiful day that I cannot appreciate because I am so painfully depressed, so now I can also feel guilty about my lack of appreciation)

    “Oh yeah, me too, I have got like so much work to do, and my sister’s family is coming over this weekend, so I have to vacuum and dust tonight. It’s like totally depressing.”

    (uh huh, good to know we are experiencing the same thing)

    or one of my favorites

    (yep, I am still struggling with this, must be my bad attitude)

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  3. oh, i have have a new one.

    maybe it you just calm your mind. have you tried mindfulness?

    my sister suggested that and just about threw a gasket when i suggested something in return that would actually help. she really did not like that, at all. we’re not talking right now. sigh. she obviously know more about depression than I do. I only efeing live every day! not that i’m bitter or anything.


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