waveHello. My name is Sina. This blog is about Depression and about me.

I am German.


I am also half Moroccan.



When I’m late for something I like to use my Moroccaness as an excuse.

“What do you expect?! I am Moroccan!!”


camel copy


But when others are late my Germania kicks in full blast and I’m all like:




I sometimes get loud and temperamental when things don’t go my way. I like to blame this on being half Moroccan.



Yet I’m also quiet and reserved. And like my trains to run on time.




I live in Cape Town, South Africa London, England! Yippee!

But I’ve also spent many years in the Spain and Germany.


I’ve written for Elite Daily and my work has appeared in Runner’s World.

I’m currently freelancing in London and working as a digital producer…








But my real passion is writing, drawing and making stuff.





Like most creatives, I’m an introvert.



I like big books and I cannot lie.



I also love cake.




I love words. Especially swear words.




All the stories on this blog are true. And all the drawings are my own.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey there, I know depression inside out. What struck me most was the “like me!” habit. Thanks for this reminder. We ARE ALL RIGHT. We just need to know that. THANKS!


  2. I just found your blog, and I think that you are amazing. Honestly. I’ve been looking everywhere for a relatable blog. Thank you.


  3. I googled Urbanol and found you. I only managed to read a snippet so far but love your style of writing and am pleased to find out that the drawings are all you. I’d say get well soon but we all know that that’s not how depression works. So keep on skating. ( can’t wait to get to home and read the rest of it.)


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